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Why biotech?

Advances in the global medical biotechnology industry are changing the face of medicine. These advances are driven strongly by the developments in personalised medicine, which is a paradigm based on providing treatments best suited to a patient’s unique condition, genetic disposition and other health characteristics.

Current treatments are largely chemically based, like pain relievers, antibiotics, antidepressants and chronic medications to manage conditions such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels or thyroid imbalances. Biotechnology on the other hand, is allowing healthcare practitioners to learn more about the causes of disease at a cellular level. These unique insights into DNA and the genetic causes of illnesses are helping patients and doctors to identify and prevent illnesses before they occur, or to find the correct treatment for an individual.

Ecsponent Biotech considers itself a thought leader in the South African biotech industry, investing in products and services that promote the adoption of personalised and regenerative medicine among South Africans to improve their quality of life.

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