Storage and pricing options

Interest-free payment planSalveoCryo-Save
12 monthsYesYes
24 monthsYesYes
60 monthsYesN/A
Interest-free repayment amount
(inclusive of administration fees)
Cord blood onlySalveoCryo-SaveCollection fee12-months24-months60-months
Local storageR 14 900*R 2 500R 1 138R 598R 273
Cord blood and tissue
Local storageR 20 000*R 2 500R 1 563R 810R 358
Local storageR 23 400*R 3 800R 1 738R 898N/A
International storageR 26 100**R 6 500R 1 738R 898N/A
Dual (local + international) storageR 26 100***R 6 500R 1 738R 898N/A

Product details

Cord blood and tissue are collected and transported 24/7/365 by National Speed Blood Services, registered members of the Blood and Tissue Transport Association.YesYes
Cord blood and tissue are processed by and stored in the AABB-accredited Cryo-Save Laboratory in South Africa. Cryo-Save was established in 2000 and is represented in over 30 countries on three continents and is the largest cord blood bank in Europe with over six laboratories in Geneva, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa and UAE. It is ranked the world’s 5TH MOST INFLUENTIAL CORD BLOOD BANK by BioInformant. The Cryo-Save South Africa laboratory is OWNED BY TWO PUBLICLY LISTED COMPANIES, providing unmatched financial security for your investment.YesYes
International storage (Europe) or dual storage (South Africa and Europe)Yes
Specialised cord blood processing through the Sepax II FAMCORD protocol using a BioSafe Sepax blood processing kit. The kit is a sterile, single-use, closed system, with a closed system sampling bag, which minimises the risk of contamination during processing. UNIQUE IN SA.YesYes
Testing cord tissue stem cells to determine viability by fluorescent staining. FIRST IN SA. When storing with Cryo-Save, you are assured that your samples have been properly tested and verified to be suitable for long term storage.YesYes
Peace of mind, with photographic evidence of viable tissue stem cells (if required for future expansion and therapy). FIRST IN SA.YesYes
Funding to transport cord blood unit for transplant/treatment to the treatment facility (anywhere in the world), if needed in future.Yes
Includes costs related to the cord blood sample including HLA-typing, needed prior to transplant.Yes
Cost-free donation programme.Yes

Effective date 1 June 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact the InfoHub for a formal quotation based on your needs.

* Annual storage fee of R 300 per year. Subject to an annual CPI increase unless paid upfront for 20 years.
** Annual storage fee of R 550 per year. Subject to an annual CPI increase unless paid upfront for 20 years.
*** Annual storage fee of R 750 per year. Subject to an annual CPI increase unless paid upfront for 20 years.